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FunFly Watersports provide you the best Excursions Of the Red Sea. Take the FunFly Boat for amazing time, discover the treasures of the Sea like Dolphin, Murena, Manta, Napoleon and all the beautiful color fish and corals.
-Swim with Free Dolphin
-Island Tour with snorkeling 
-Glass bottom boat 
-Private tour 
-Speed Boat

FunFly Watersports provide you a big choice of water activities  to make your holiday fun.


-Speed boat 


-Banana boat 

-Sofa fun 

-Water ski 

-Wake board 

-Knee board

Flyboard Bootcamp


FunFly Watersports the only company in the red sea to provide you this new sport from France name's FLYBOARD. 

we also offer jet pack, and Hoverboard. 

-Initiation session

-Fly School


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